7 Inspiration of Residential Wood Floor Design.

As people living in the tropics, many of us dream of having a cool dwelling. Unfortunately, nowadays it is rare to find a residential area located in a lush area with many trees to get the cool elements. Even if there are, most are in locations far from access to anywhere, whether in the highlands or mountains.

One way to make a place to live get the cool impression is to create their own garden by planting shady trees. But what if the land is not so wide or even among the densely populated settlements? The wooden floor is one of the answers. Visit https://gkservice.dk/.

  1. The front view is one of the attractions of a house. Wooden floor can also be applied to the terrace of the house

People say, appearance is not everything, but everything can start from the appearance. So, make your home terrace beautiful by using wood as the floor. In addition to the attraction, the appearance of a wooden floor facade to make a cool impression immediately obtained. For this area, you can use a rectangular shaped wood neatly arranged to suit the shape and area of ​​the terrace.

  1. Giving wooden floors in the living room will make the impression of luxury and elegance in the room

Wooden floors in the living room will give the impression of luxury and also elegant. For this room, you can use a parquet wood floor, where the wood arrangement is formed a particular motif. If it has been wood flooring, make sure the furniture used is also in harmony with the theme of the floor. Wooden tables and large sofas are some examples of suitable properties.

  1. A nice wooden floor is a perfect mix for a TV room or family room. Get relaxed on Sundays!

Basically, in addition to suitable for occupancy in the tropics because of its cool nuance, wood floors are also fitted to use in the TV room or family room because when to sit you will not feel cold like sitting on the tiled floor. Even so, it does not matter if you give the carpet as a base. Feel like to laze in this room for long.

  1. By using wood floor for dining room, you can adjust other properties such as tablecloth or curtain with matching color

Organizing the dining room is like building his own appetite itself. Make no mistake, the dining room is a bit ruled out in most houses in Indonesia, where they prefer to eat in the TV room. In fact, eating at the table has many benefits one of which can more familiarize yourself with other family members. For this reason, use wooden floor for your dining room. Also use other properties such as tables and curtains with matching colors. For best wood floor, get in touch on https://gkservice.dk/ .

  1. Next there is a bedroom. The thought of sleeping in a wood-floored room will certainly make your sleep more sound!

Bedrooms with wooden floors are sure to be the right mix. When it’s hot, your room will stay cool, when it’s cold you do not have to worry because the wood floor will stay warm. In order to feel comfortable, you can use wood with a younger color. Customize also the color of cabinets and cots to beautify the atmosphere.

  1. Bathroom with wooden flooring? Why not!

Bathroom with wooden flooring? Why not! Make the bathroom a favorite place by making an attractive appearance. If you do not want to spend too high budget, you can use vinyl board. Vinyl shaped board is very similar to pieces of hardwood floor aka original wooden floor. For the treatment, simply swept occasionally.

  1. Kitchen with wooden floor is also a plus in itself. This will make your kitchen look clean and tidy

Not much different from the bathroom, choosing wooden floor for the kitchen is not the wrong choice. Precisely with that you ‘forced’ to keep the kitchen area to stay clean and well groomed. Because the kitchen so one room that is risky with spices or food droppings falling scattered, the wooden floor felt to be the right choice. You can get the best way of your best decoration on https://gkservice.dk/.