An FDA Approved Eyelash Growth Enhancer

A lady I work with is going through a divorce and is kind of reinventing herself. She has joined a gym, got a new hairstyle and color, and has also changed the style of clothes that she is wearing. I must say that she looks fantastic and has so much more self-confidence than before. Recently, I noticed that her eyelashes look amazingly long and beautiful and asked her if she was using a new brand of mascara. She told me that she started using bimatoprost eyelash growth enhancer a couple of months ago. Of course, my curiosity got the best of me as this is something I have never heard of and definitely wanted to know more about.

She went on to tell me that bimatoprost is an active ingredient approved by the FDA to treat glaucoma and increase the size and length of eyelashes. She said that she applies it every night with a thin eyeliner brush before she goes to bed. They suggest that you should start seeing results after approximately two months of use. Once you achieve the desired length of your eyelashes you can start applying the serum once or twice a week to simply maintain the results.

I was amazed and extremely impressed with this product and thought that I might give it a try myself. My coworker gave me the name of the website that she ordered it from and wished me luck. As soon as I got home I looked it up and was very pleased to discover that this serum was on sale and that they offered free shipping and a 100% money back guarantee. I rarely treat myself to anything extra and decided to splurge a little bit. I went ahead and placed my order and now just have to wait for it to be delivered.