What is KVM Server Technology in VPS Hosting?

Like every other traditional technology, the web hosting environment is also experiencing a rise of alternative systems like VPS Hosting. While the initial processes of setting up and running a VPS hosting platform might look complicated, it proves to be more efficient and sustainable in the long run. VPS runs on virtual servers, hosted on a single physical system. Each such VPS server has its own resources and can function as a private server, quite like in a dedicated hosting environment, only more cost-efficient. 

The system of virtualization is driven by the program called Hypervisor, which helps isolate the virtual servers and enables them to run as a holistic unit on the physical machine. There are different kinds of virtualization technologies offered by VPS hosting providers. KVM or Kernel-based Virtual Machine is one of them.

What is a KVM Server?

KVM server is built into a standard Linux Kernel, making it function like a hypervisor. It allows you to run the kernel on the root node and thus, helps you to run multiple operating systems on the same server. KVM makes the hardware run on its own virtualization extensions. The hypervisor used by KVM is installed on the host machine, enabling it to manage the individual virtual machines, also called guest machines. The kernel of KVM acts as the second level hypervisor.

KVM server allows you complete control over your server resources, thus enabling you to configure the values on the machine as per your requirements. KVM can run … Read More

Tasks & Jobs of a Web Designer

There are still many who question the scope of work of web designers and web developers, especially those I observe in our country. In the forum, in real life whether at the office or at stalls or cafes when web workers are chatting, the topic of the work scopes of a web designer and what the web developer is doing is still an exciting conversation.

The main problem is actually only one, web designers only want to design in Photoshop and don’t want to touch code, while programmers only want to touch the code and don’t know design matters, for important programmers to provide the template later combined with back-coding the end is good with PHP, Ruby on Rails or Java.
Web designers don’t want to touch web editors, Web programmers don’t want to touch applications like Photoshop?
If you don’t want to budge like that, what if we just add one more job term in this web world, we just say:

So he is the bridge between web designers and developers who are both selfish. It’s too naive. It is very excessive if just slicing there must be someone else, considering the term web designer is actually very clear.
Some web designers usually limit their work just to focus on making designs. What design? web design or layout design for brochures, posters, banners, flyers, invitation cards or business cards? all of which will be printed later?
Even though the scope of the work is … Read More

How to Start a Career as a Programmer?

There are some of my friends who are beginning to be interested in learning programming, there are some who are fun and serious. Being a Programmer is difficult, especially to build a programming mindset and logic training.

For example, I give him practice. He made a constant, I told him to change the value. And yes, as I and he know, it must be an error. I asked: why is this an error ?, he replied “Because we change the constant value”. When I’m challenged, how do I get rid of the error? He doesn’t know yet.
What is the answer to a study friend?
Yes, just change the previous constants to be variables. Simple, right? Remember my challenge about how to get rid of the error. In that case to eliminate the error, and my logic because changing the constant value is not possible, so just change it into a variable.

It’s just a small exercise, don’t do it in real life. The exercise is to train our logic to solve the problem out-of-the-box.

Back to the question How to start a career as a Programmer? Let’s discuss it. Incidentally my current career is a Programmer, so this paper is not just a theory or abstract that has not been tested for validity. Everyone has their own way, and hundreds of thousands of programmers in Indonesia, I share one of them how I become a programmer.

We start from the basic question first: Do you really want to be … Read More