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What is the relation of information technology, social media, and SEO?

Media blog information can also be used as a forum to share information about the latest information technology products or that are being discussed. Especially if you are an IT programmer or an IT Developer who works in a software house company, you can advertise information technology products generated by your company through blog media. You can visit to get more information about that.

In addition to providing info on the latest products from the software house where you work, you can also provide info on tips and tricks to choose the right hardware, how to care for hardware, or share the link download free applications. In the free app sharing. Of course, you should also remember the copyright issue, because if you share an application program that is illegal and is known by the program maker, then you can be prosecuted.

In marketing websites, social media and SEO is an important tool. Because it is an important medium many people use both to market their website. Currently business owners in the world especially in Indonesia have started looking for SEO services to improve the performance of their website to be more famous in the online world.

But many business owners are just using social media to market their websites and products. Since social media and SEO have different functions, does social media support SEO or otherwise can SEO support the use of social media itself? Check out the explanation below.

How SEO helps Social Media

The better the SEO optimizer of the website, the bigger it gets the potential customers from. So indirectly the business owner will help get a prospective consumer from someone fill fan Facebook page, or follow the twitter account owned by the business owner. is one best of provider SEO service.

The more people who like or follow the twitter account of the business owner, the more people see the product information from the business owner’s social media account. Therefore, the function of SEO to social media is very related and very important in order to improve your website marketing.

How Social Media helps SEO

Social media will also help SEO optimization a website. For example, when you have the latest information or articles, then the business owner can share it into Facebook fan pages or twitter account. Keep in mind in optimizing SEO the necessity of many backlinks and one way to get backlinks is to provide links information or website articles to a fan page, twitter, and other social media accounts.

The more people who like or follow the social media accounts of the business owner, the greater the number of people who see and will click on your website from the share of information or articles in social media accounts and the more backlinks it gets from there.

In conclusion SEO and Social Media both have a close relationship to market the business owner’s website. Get in touch on if you want good quality SEO service.… Read More

Various Jewelry Jasmine Pashmina

One of the ways to become a Muslim woman is to wear the hijab to cover the genitals. But because the nature of women to always want to look beautiful, the fashion trend hijab is growing very rapidly in the community.

Currently, the pashmina hijab has become one of the big trends among women wearing headscarves. Pashmina veil in addition to the relatively cheaper, also has a style and color that is very interesting so that we can easily combined match. You can get awesome wear on

There are various creations of pashmina hijab that you can try to look more beautiful and also attractive but still look Islamic.

Egyptian Style

One of the styles most often adapted by Indonesian women is the Egyptian style. This style is marked by the number of ornament embroidered from gold thread and peacock. Usually there are also rocks and geometric motifs that are very typical in Egyptian pashmina hijab. For maximum results, you can customize the typical motifs with matching fabric pieces.

You should set the uniform on the hijab with clothing by making sure there are no collision geometry lines in the opposite direction. But if you manage it, this Egyptian style pashmina hijab can make you look more elegant and beautiful.

African style

Some of you must be getting bored with pashmina style that tends to plain. You should try one of the various creations of African style pashmina scarves that are very varied and different.

Currently, African style pashmina hijab has become a trend in Europe and America. Characteristic of various animal motifs such as zebra, snake, and leopard of course very different. African style will make you appear more daring and show a tough female character.

You can try to wear an African style hijab with animal patterned leggings as well. White blouse with animal patterned leggings is the most suitable match. Leopard motif you can also use to attend a party or a party at the edge of the pool. Purchase on for the good and beautiful wear.

Thai style

Thai style is very distinctive with the use of ornament-ornament mote or is very striking. Usually, this Thai style pashmina hijab has a very striking color. To compensate, use the clothes with the color of the orange or yellow.

If wearing a dark dress, then the Thai style hijab will make you look strange because it is too contrast.

Simple Accessories

Wearing a variety of simple accessories can also be one of a variety of good and cheap pashmina hijab creations. You can use, string, ribbon, brooch, and pin to decorate your hijab. First, you can use as a part of the hijab. After that, plug your pashmina in the head.

Arrange in such a way that the left side of the hijab may be shorter. Drag your pashmina veil to the back of the nape of the head, then place a pin. Then, pull out the long pashmina hijab part by circling from top … Read More

Knowing the Type of Wooden Floor

The wooden floor has a high aesthetic value and better comfort compared to the floor of the stone type. Basically according to the type of material for wooden floor there are 2 types of wood flooring that is Solid hardwood (solid wood) and Engineered hardwood (artificial wood).

The shape of the wooden floor can be a wooden strip: with tongue groove, plank: consists of 3 strips at once or parquet: the arrangement of wood floors that form a specific motif. In you can find various wood floor.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Form of solid wood that is formed like a ‘plank’ with a thickness of about 18mm. The standard model has a groove and tongue on the side. Some factories sometimes produce with thickness up to 10mm.

The advantage of this type of material is the possibility to be re-sanded after use for some time. This type of wooden floor is average without finishing or just finishing the base because the final finishing process will be done when the wooden floor has been installed.

Basic wooden floor finish is usually on the upper side of the tongue & grooves are made ‘bevel’ small.

The main problem on the type of flooring of Solid Hardwood Flooring is the possibility of shrinkage, this is because it is made of 100% solid wood. For this reason the installation will always be left a few millimeters at the meeting of the wooden floor with a wall that will be closed with ‘plinth floor’.

Installation of thin solid wood flooring is easy to do with staples or glue, while wooden floors with a thickness of 18 mm should use a special tool (nails).

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Construction of this type of wood floor is almost the same as the construction of plywood (artificial board). It consists of several layers of wood arranged transversely between each layer. This type of wood floor can be installed directly on the floor, but leveling the floor should be better. Can also be applied on the concrete floor. Visit for best service of wooden floor.

The thickness of the material is usually 15mm and has been finished to the final layer. Excellence Engineered hardwood Flooring from solid wood flooring is easy in installation and can be installed almost in the entire room of your home. Type of finishing for this type of floor is usually UV type, type of finishing materials are dried with ultraviolet light so that the hardness of the floor surface is better than the type of ordinary wood floor.

In addition, because it has been finished first, then the installation will be cleaner and faster. This type of wood for ‘top layer’ engineered wood flooring can be of various hardwoods by means of different coatings. Such means are for example thin veneers, thin wooden sheets split with knives or sheets produced from saws.

Installation of this type of wood flooring system using ‘floating’ or gluing with glue, depending on the type of floor to be … Read More

Changes in the logistics industry in the information technology era

Changes in the logistics industry in the information technology era is something that can’t be denied anymore. This, making business actors in the logistics industry in the era of information technology, must adjust.

As a result of the current development of information technology, resulting in changes in the logistics industry.

Changing Consumer Expectations on Logistics Services

Logistics in the Era of Logistics Industry

With the development of e-Commerce business globally, especially in Indonesia. This has slightly altered the logistics industry in the era of information technology.

It also in some ways leads to a shift in the logistics industry in a technological era that alters expectations or expectations from consumers.

The big names of logistics service providers are no longer the main attraction for consumers in choosing logistic service providers.

Fast, secure, and easy services are a priority for consumers in choosing their logistics services, especially for the retail industry.

For that reason logistics entrepreneurs are not enough just to focus on the old business paradigm, such as reducing the burden or business costs by not reducing the quality of their services.

Changes in the current logistics industry, forcing them also have to start analyzing the data so large and big (data) of all shipments (shipment) that they have done, utilizing cloud technology.

In addition, they are also expected to utilize the technology (information) that is connected to each other with the same goal is to develop their business in logistics.

Collaboration with Urban Systems

Collaborate with Urban Systems

Not enough stop on the business paradigm change above. Changes in the logistics industry in the technological era, requires collaboration with several existing systems in urban areas.

Logistics industry players can connect their information with the system at the port, airport, and urban transportation agencies in a comprehensive manner. The example best of transportation agency is

Sharing information is one of the first steps in this collaboration.

Form of sharing information with changes in logistics indications such as information about which roads are being repaired.

Sharing information can be information on which roads are being solid, and other data that can be used by actors in the logistics industry.

In essence, this collaboration is to avoid or at least minimize various congestion.

Stacking can occur at ports, airports, or on land where the flow of goods will pass through.

With technological advances it is possible to show in which process waste occurs (inefficiently).

It is this that can help all actors in the logistics industry to improve and improve the quality of service

Where the change should be adjusted as expected or ‘demanded’ by consumers in the present. If you search for best collaboration, get in touch on… Read More

7 Inspiration of Residential Wood Floor Design.

As people living in the tropics, many of us dream of having a cool dwelling. Unfortunately, nowadays it is rare to find a residential area located in a lush area with many trees to get the cool elements. Even if there are, most are in locations far from access to anywhere, whether in the highlands or mountains.

One way to make a place to live get the cool impression is to create their own garden by planting shady trees. But what if the land is not so wide or even among the densely populated settlements? The wooden floor is one of the answers. Visit

  1. The front view is one of the attractions of a house. Wooden floor can also be applied to the terrace of the house

People say, appearance is not everything, but everything can start from the appearance. So, make your home terrace beautiful by using wood as the floor. In addition to the attraction, the appearance of a wooden floor facade to make a cool impression immediately obtained. For this area, you can use a rectangular shaped wood neatly arranged to suit the shape and area of ​​the terrace.

  1. Giving wooden floors in the living room will make the impression of luxury and elegance in the room

Wooden floors in the living room will give the impression of luxury and also elegant. For this room, you can use a parquet wood floor, where the wood arrangement is formed a particular motif. If it has been wood flooring, make sure the furniture used is also in harmony with the theme of the floor. Wooden tables and large sofas are some examples of suitable properties.

  1. A nice wooden floor is a perfect mix for a TV room or family room. Get relaxed on Sundays!

Basically, in addition to suitable for occupancy in the tropics because of its cool nuance, wood floors are also fitted to use in the TV room or family room because when to sit you will not feel cold like sitting on the tiled floor. Even so, it does not matter if you give the carpet as a base. Feel like to laze in this room for long.

  1. By using wood floor for dining room, you can adjust other properties such as tablecloth or curtain with matching color

Organizing the dining room is like building his own appetite itself. Make no mistake, the dining room is a bit ruled out in most houses in Indonesia, where they prefer to eat in the TV room. In fact, eating at the table has many benefits one of which can more familiarize yourself with other family members. For this reason, use wooden floor for your dining room. Also use other properties such as tables and curtains with matching colors. For best wood floor, get in touch on .

  1. Next there is a bedroom. The thought of sleeping in a wood-floored room will certainly make your sleep more sound!

Bedrooms with wooden floors are sure to be … Read More