Cloud as the Foundation for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has become one of the most discussed topics lately. The urgency of this digital transformation appears due to technology that is developing very fast, thus increasing business competition today. The amount of benefits presented by digital technology makes the rate of business growth even faster.

The support of strong infrastructure facilities, human resources who are experts in their fields, and standardization of processes that minimize human errors are several important points in maintaining the momentum of digital transformation. These factors ensure the technology needed to move towards digital transformation can run optimally.

As important as a strong infrastructure chain, the role of Cloud Computing services then becomes very important and becomes the foundation for digital transformation carried out by industry players. The use of cloud-managed networks solutions that provide a lot of conveniences has changed the industry for the better.

The need for industry players for cloud-based services has made Teldat build the best infrastructure in the world with internationally certified quality. Management is also carried out by experts in their fields with standardized work processes. All of this to provide the best service so that you can maximize all of these investments for positive business growth.

Teldat cloud network management is supported by reliable connectivity capabilities and high availability. Good connectivity will make it easier for you to access, modify, and take control of your data.

Choosing an internationally certified data center is also an important value if you want a provider that can be trusted and can handle all possibilities of disaster/accident. Also, strategic location and security factors at the physical and network-level are parameters that you need to pay attention to.

Likewise, determining the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) option. The choice of IaaS that will be used is entirely your consideration; either using a private cloud or public cloud, using additional disaster recovery features or not and defining virtual specifications as needed. Here, consultation and proof of concept are important because the needs of industry players are very varied.