How to convert WAV to MP3?


Many people are fond of music and they download many audios in computers. The format in which all audios are saved in windows is called WAV (Waveform Audio File Format). This is called Audios for Windows.


This format is the standard format used by Microsoft for saving any audio and playing them. These are a kind of uncompressed audio. These audio files have a good sound quality, but they are large, so all media players, mobiles or any other devices cannot play the audio in this format as they don’t support this format.

Different devices have different format for playing audios. Now everybody has mobiles and other devices, so they think to listen to their favorite songs or any other audios in their mobiles and devices and for that they have to transfer them all in their devices. Before they were not able to do so, as it was not easy to convert them as other device don’t support the same format.


But now there are many audio converters which can convert the format easily, but the best WAV TO MP3 converter is Movavi Video Converter. So to transfer your file you have to download it first. Movavi Video Converter is all in one converter. It supports 180 videos and audios formats. Through this converter you can convert and save the file and play them on more than 200 types of mobile devices.


So to convert any Wav to Mp3, first install the Movavi Video Converter software. This software is very powerful, which transfer Wav to Mp3 and vice versa at a very high speed. It is also used to extract soundtracks from any films, clips and ads.

After launching the converter you have to add the file into the interface, so choose you’re audio and start the process. You can convert a single file or batch process several files at once. Now you have to choose the output format, means that in which format you want your file.

You can choose the preset with your preferred bitrate. The higher the bitrate the greater the quality and file size will be. You can also change a number of parameters like the sample rate and bitrate by choosing the option called the cogwheel.

And now after converting the file you need to save it. You can select any place as per your choice to save the file. And as it is saved now you are ready to play your audio in Mp 3 format.

This process usually takes 1-10 minutes depending upon the size and number of files. So now as you know how to convert Wav to Mp3 and vice versa. So you can easily convert any files of your choice, which is as easy as 1-2-3 with Movavi Video Converter.