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Indian Railway Online Ticket Booking

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IRCTC’s online passenger reservation system facility has gained popularity among train travellers in India, as they can avoid the long queues, writing and waiting at the reservation counters in the railway stations in India.

IRCTC  Online Train Reservation : IRCTC  Online ticket reservation helps travellers to book tickets online, by just creating an account at There are options for reservation of tickets, cancellations, and tatkal reservation of tickets. People can plan their travel sitting at the comfort of their homes. If reservation is not available in one of the trains, they can look for options in other trains on their own with ease. If the ticket is not booked for any reason, the amount debited from the bank account will be returned to the same account by the Railways. So IRCTC  Online Train Reservation has become a boon for Rail passengers in India.

i-ticket and e-ticket : There are two types of Online tickets. i-ticket and e-ticket. An e-ticket can be booked up to the time of chart preparation for the train. The passenger has to take a print out of the ticket and carry it along with a photo ID proof while travelling on the train.

An i-ticket means the the passenger can book the normal Internet ticket online, and it will be delivered at your door step in 2-3 days. This ticket needs to be booked at least two days in advance to date of journey, to ensure courier delivery of the ticket at your place.

IRCTC Tatkal : Tatkal Reservation can also be done using IRCTC login.Tatkal tickets can be booked as E-tickets. This can be booked two days in advance of the date of journey. E-tickets can be booked on the opening day from 8.00 am onwards through internet. Tatkal I-Tickets cannot be booked. Tatkal Booking facility provides Confirmed or Waitlisted tickets against Tatkal quota for journey between source/remote stations. There are tatkal charges in addition to the normal e-ticket charges for IRCTC Tatkal ticket.

IRCTC Login : For booking IRCTC online tickets, an IRCTC account login is essential. One can create an account at and start enjoying the facilities provided online. We can create a Master List of Passengers for easy inputting of Passenger particulars during booking of tickets. You can create and modify various combinations of Travel Lists of Passengers for different tickets.

IRCTC Beta : IRCTC has launched a beta site for Online Railway ticket booking with improved features and interface. The beta site has used good graphics and the navigation also looks good. IRCTC Beta is faster to use while booking railway tickets online. The IRCTC  beta has fewer advertisements. The beta version has facilities  for Plan my travel, e-ticket, i-ticket booking, tatkal booking, cancellation, PNR enquiry, Mumbai season ticket booking and banner auction. Booked history, Printing e-ticket, cancelling e-ticket, Refund status etc. can be found out easily.

IRCTC Availability : Availability of tickets on trains in India are updated in the IRCTC Online ticket booking facility. Status of berths/seats in trains can be found at the time of booking itself, before we proceed to payment gateway. The ticket will be booked once the payment is credited to IRCTC account from your bank account. Availability at important stations, ticket availability in the train of your choice on the specified date etc can be found out using IRCTC Online.

IRCTC Train reservation is available for all trains in the Indian Railway, irrespective of the sections, like the Southern Railway, Northern Railway.

Indian Railways online ticket booking facility is thus a great help for Train travellers in India, as they can book their tickets from any where in the world.

IRCTC Main Site :

IRCTC Beta Site :


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