When I found out that my daughter was accepted at Georgia Tech, I knew that I wanted to find a nice apartment to be closer to her. I was living in New York at the time, but I am fortunate enough to be able to live anywhere I want with my work. I travel a good bit, so it did not matter if I lived in New York, Alaska or right near her school. I looked at apartments near Georgia Tech, hoping to find a nice one that she could use full time and I could crash out while I was not out somewhere on business.

It was really nice being able to look online at these apartments, and that is how I found the one that we both love living at. It is real close to where she goes to school, and it is also close to anything else she will need while there. We have a two bedroom unit. She has the master bedroom since she is there every day and I am only there maybe seven or eight days out of the month. Even with the smaller bedroom, it is still much nicer than the apartment that I had in New York.

When she is not in school, she can either stay in our apartment or do one of the many things that the complex offers to all residents here. There is a really nice swimming pool, a fitness center, a yoga club, and even shops and restaurants that are right here at the complex. She loves living here, and I feel better knowing that she is living in a great neighborhood in a very safe complex. I don’t care how old she gets, she will always be my little girl who I want to take care of as best as I can.