Various Jewelry Jasmine Pashmina

One of the ways to become a Muslim woman is to wear the hijab to cover the genitals. But because the nature of women to always want to look beautiful, the fashion trend hijab is growing very rapidly in the community.

Currently, the pashmina hijab has become one of the big trends among women wearing headscarves. Pashmina veil in addition to the relatively cheaper, also has a style and color that is very interesting so that we can easily combined match. You can get awesome wear on

There are various creations of pashmina hijab that you can try to look more beautiful and also attractive but still look Islamic.

Egyptian Style

One of the styles most often adapted by Indonesian women is the Egyptian style. This style is marked by the number of ornament embroidered from gold thread and peacock. Usually there are also rocks and geometric motifs that are very typical in Egyptian pashmina hijab. For maximum results, you can customize the typical motifs with matching fabric pieces.

You should set the uniform on the hijab with clothing by making sure there are no collision geometry lines in the opposite direction. But if you manage it, this Egyptian style pashmina hijab can make you look more elegant and beautiful.

African style

Some of you must be getting bored with pashmina style that tends to plain. You should try one of the various creations of African style pashmina scarves that are very varied and different.

Currently, African style pashmina hijab has become a trend in Europe and America. Characteristic of various animal motifs such as zebra, snake, and leopard of course very different. African style will make you appear more daring and show a tough female character.

You can try to wear an African style hijab with animal patterned leggings as well. White blouse with animal patterned leggings is the most suitable match. Leopard motif you can also use to attend a party or a party at the edge of the pool. Purchase on for the good and beautiful wear.

Thai style

Thai style is very distinctive with the use of ornament-ornament mote or is very striking. Usually, this Thai style pashmina hijab has a very striking color. To compensate, use the clothes with the color of the orange or yellow.

If wearing a dark dress, then the Thai style hijab will make you look strange because it is too contrast.

Simple Accessories

Wearing a variety of simple accessories can also be one of a variety of good and cheap pashmina hijab creations. You can use, string, ribbon, brooch, and pin to decorate your hijab. First, you can use as a part of the hijab. After that, plug your pashmina in the head.

Arrange in such a way that the left side of the hijab may be shorter. Drag your pashmina veil to the back of the nape of the head, then place a pin. Then, pull out the long pashmina hijab part by circling from top to bottom. Finally, at the top of the pashmina headscarf, give a beautiful trimmer.

Various creations of pashmina headscarf above is an easy way to be beautiful but while maintaining the rules of Islam and becoming a true Muslim woman.

No need to open the to look beautiful. We just need to outsmart the appearance so it still looks beautiful despite covering the. Precisely with the veil, beauty in your body will come out in a more perfect. Family and professional life will be better. Visit for the best accessories.