Teldat SD-WAN Solutions Responds to the Challenges of the Media and Digital Marketing Industry

Responding to some of the challenges faced in the media and digital marketing industry, Teldat is here to provide a solution, namely the Teldat SD-WAN Solution. The benefits that can be obtained from Teldat Managed SD-WAN are as follows:

• Bandwidth Optimization

In a traditional WAN, bandwidth management is carried out by a router function where the main network configuration and the backup network are active-passive. The backup network will be active when the main network has a problem. With Teldat SD-WAN Solution, both networks will be active so that bandwidth can be optimally used.

• Short Failover

The router takes about 3 minutes to move from the main network to the backup network. You can imagine how the live streaming conditions would be if it was interrupted for 3 minutes. Teldat SD-WAN products can cut this failover time to only 1 second when the main network is experiencing problems.

• Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization (DMPO) technology

DMPO can automatically monitor connections and will perform traffic engineering, ensuring sensitive data is passed on the highest quality network. This technology helps ensure that video conferencing or real-time digital content is delivered of the highest quality.

• Network Merging

Teldat SD-WAN network products can integrate several types of networks such as VPN, dedicated Internet, Broadband Internet, and others with performance options that can be tailored to customer needs. This is very helpful for media companies when it comes to going places with various network conditions available.

• Security Features

The connection to the Cloud does not have to go through the Data Center, but can be directly from the branch through while maintaining network security through the State-full firewall feature. Additional features such as Unified Threat Management (UTM) can be an option to maintain network security.

• Converting Capex to Opex

Teldat service is a managed service, so it does not require investment in equipment and can transfer Capex to Opex. This can reduce the workload of the customer’s IT division, avoiding problems between the device principle and the network service provider when there are problems.